Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WASP?

The Water Atomizing Suppression Pump is a high-technology mobile fire suppression pump designed to increase water’s ability to absorb a tremendous amount of heat in a short period of time without wasting water. It’s a positive displacement pump that builds 575 PSI at the pump to deliver a non-harmful water stream at a pressure between 350 and 375 psi through a ½” high-pressure 150’ hose line.  The high-tech fire nozzle, called “the Stinger Nozzle,” is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that can be used as a breaking tool for puncturing drywall or glass.

How does it work?

The Stinger Nozzle head is designed to break water down into smaller water droplets, (7 to 100 microns) also referred to as micro droplets.  Water is pumped into the nozzle head and reduced by 7 small water jets.  These water jets work similar to a fuel-injected carburetor by creating more efficiency, and they have two means of creating the droplets.  First, water goes through a tiny hole that is directed straight through the center of the water jet. Second, water and air moves through a small carve-out on the side of the water jet.  This process creates turbulence and breaks the water down to a smaller droplet.  With this design in effect, the larger droplet leads and the smaller water droplet follows right behind.  The larger droplets supply the distance to the stream and the smaller droplets follow directly behind to close the gap and reduce entrained air.

The straight stream meets NFPA minimum 35’ distance standard. The WASP has a distance of 50’. The fog stream distance is approximately 30’.

Is the WASP portable?

The WASP is a mobile fire suppression unit that is built on a skid-mounted powder coated steal frame.  It weighs approximately 400 lbs without water and approximately 1000 lbs with 60 gallons of water.  The WASP unit comes standard with a 60-gallon polyurethane tank.  The standard manual reel comes with a 150’ ½” high-pressure hose line, and it has the ability to pump and roll when used on vegetation fires.  The WASP unit can be separated into to two major parts and installed into a fire engine compartment as well. The unit can be integrated into the engines water and foam tank system.  The WASP unit can draft water out of pools or natural resources with its 20’ one-inch drafting hose, which is equipped with a strainer that can be bought separately.

Where is the WASP made?

California, USA