In the January 11th, 2017 Arizona Daily Dispatch, Arizona Firefighters want to add 10 more types of cancer believed to be caused by chemicals found in structure fires. Almost everything found in a home is made of some type of chemical. When these contents catch on fire, they emit highly toxic smoke. This smoke is full of toxins that can cause cancer. Smoke is absorbed by the skin and no matter what personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn. The smell of smoke through the skin pores will last normally up to 3 or 4 days. It is very difficult to avoid smoke exposure unless the fire fight is fought from the outside. Another issue with today’s home contents is the fire burns hotter and quicker. This brings the question about today’s firefighting tactics and strategy and traditional fire suppression water application. The fire service researcher Centers (NIST) and (NIOSH) have recognized these dangerous exposures and constantly remind firefighters of test proven recommendations to reduce firefighter exposures to dangerous conditions in a structure fire.

Mirco-Droplet Systems also recognizes the dangers to firefighters and toxic chemical smoke from structure fires. To reduce the exposure dangers of smoke and to attack fires quicker is to stay ahead of the fire growth curve. We recommend using our WASP unit approaching from the outside and staying out of the toxic smoke is what our WASP Stinger nozzle is designed for. Traditional hose and nozzles will not allow a firefighter to kneel down to the side of an entry point of a structure to fight fire. The 36″ Stinger Nozzle is designed to go around corners to keep firefighters out of the toxic smoke. If the fire is in the attic and not vented, the Stinger Nozzle can be punched through the ceiling drywall to suppress an attic fire.

As firefighters, we must look into proven firefighting technology that can reduce exposures to cancer-causing chemicals. There is no question that chemicals will not go away, so we need to protect ourselves first. Cancer death statics is not what we want to continue to be a part of.

The WASP is a solution to reducing exposures to firefighters. The solution is not to add more cancer causing exposure but to take action on changes with new firefighting equipment, tactics and strategy.

Our WASP unit will also reduce chemicals from polluting our waterways due to less water usage. We should be concerned with stormwater run off caused by using to much water on a fire. We should be diligent heroic firefighters and make the change.

We have an amazing product that every fire apparatus should have.