Services for Ranch and Land Owners

Micro-Droplet Systems offers Ranch and Land Owners a complete fire risk assessment of your property. We provide a simple questionnaire for you to fill out to help us formulate a plan to protect you, your house, and all your assets against a fast burning wildfire. Our passion is to educate and train homeowners and employees about understanding wildfire, fire weather, topography, fuels, defensible space, defending your house, escape plans for yourself and animals, and communications.

There is no reason to live in fear of a wildfire if you have good fire protection, planning, and practice. Almost all homeowners who have lost their entire assets in a wildfire were not educated, trained, and ready to respond to take action. We have the experts that will make certain that you understand what it takes to be a confident first responder to protect your loved ones and assets if a wildfire were to start. We believe strong leadership will prepare you for a wildfire that will instill confidence in your ability to save your own. As in any profession, practice leads to success.

We offer and highly recommend this valuable service at least once a year prior to fire season. If more practice with us is needed, we are here for you to make that happen. Our goal is to prevent another asset loss statistic. Fire losses and fire insurance premiums continue to rise and we want to reduce that statistic. We treat every customers asset as if it were our own.

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Our Water Atomizing Suppression Pump (WASP) unit can be an asset for all Airports. It is very compact and easy to use to get around parking garages and tight access areas around the airport. If a vehicle fire caught fire on the airport where a rapid response was needed, the WASP unit is the perfect suppression tool to prevent a small fire from growing into a major fire.
The WASP is very mobile and easy to use. It has the ability to put out a flammable liquid fire with its integrated foam tank. A rapid response by trained airport personnel is an asset to minimize fire damage.
If a small fire occurred aboard the aircraft, the WASP’s lightweight 1/2″ hose is designed for easy maneuverable ability. The Stinger nozzle develops micro-droplets and when introduced into a ventilation-limited area, it rapidly cools the burning fuel and reduces enough oxygen to suppress the fire quickly. The WASP develops small water droplets that creates more surface area to cool and suppress.

Boats And Ships

Boats and Ships have an unlimited water supply. Our Water Atomizing Suppression (WASP) unit can be installed on Boats and Ships and draft from an endless water supply. The WASP is ideal to protect your valuable Boat and Ship if a fire broke out on board.
The WASP Stinger nozzle technology is designed to use very little water to suppress fire. The Stinger nozzle develops micro-droplets (more water surface area) to absorb more heat to suppress a fire without sinking the ship. A fire aboard a Boat or Ship can be completely destroyed if the crew is waiting for a fire-boat response.
Having the WASP on your Boat or Ship will help provide the protection you need to save your life or your asset.
The WASP is a great fire suppression tool to have at harbors and marinas. It can be deployed rapidly and provide the fire suppression you need to prevent an out of control fire that could destroy multiple boats nearby. Our training experts will teach and coach you how to become the First Line of Defense in your community.


Casinos have plenty of assets to protect. Not only are they concerned for their valuable patrons, but also for their buildings. Some Casinos are located near wild-land areas and can be threatened by a wildfire. Our staff will train your first responders to protect your valuable assets. The fallout of hot embers from a wildfire can be the most serious problem and concern when it falls onto vehicles and buildings. Our rapid response Water Atomizing Suppression Pump (WASP) unit is the key to saving your assets. Your staff will be trained as the first line responders to save everything you’ve work so hard to build.

Horse Ranches

Horse Ranchers have a unique situation with protecting their horses, cattle, and other livestock, during a wildfire. Not only are you worried about your family and your home, now you have to manage getting your livestock to a safe place. Our Water Atomizing Suppression System (WASP) will give you the first line of protection if a fire comes your way. Our integrated foam system is ideal for prepping and area to slow the fire down or to suppress it. Our expert training to create a fire safety and protection plan, safety zones and defensible space for your ranch and livestock will give you the confidence to protect everything you own if a fast moving fire approached and the only time given to you is to safely shelter everything in place.


Coming soon for Hospitals is a mobile Water Atomizing Suppression Pump (WASP) unit that is built on a small cart with wheels. This unit will utilize a compressed air system. It will have 13-gallons of water supplied by a high-pressure air tank with a 20′ half inch reel line. This WASP unit is very mobile and will ultimately replace the small 2.5-gallon water can pressure extinguisher.
The fire fighting power of this unit is far superior than the 2.5-gallon water can. It will have almost 5 times the fire suppression ability than the 2.5-gallon water can. With our Stinger nozzle that creates its own micro-droplets (more water surface area) there is virtually no comparison to the water can extinguisher. The straight stream reach is at least twice that of the water can and with the dual-purpose nozzle position that also gives you the fog pattern without putting your finger over the nozzle tip that is required on the water can to fan the stream. Our WASP air pressure system will become the fire suppression choice of the future.

State And National Parks

State and National Park agencies protect and maintain the beauty of our National Parks. If a fire starts in the Parks, Micro-Droplet Systems Water Atomizing Suppression Pump.

(WASP) is the most efficient suppression tool for our heroic Park Rangers. The WASP is light and easy to use; providing a rapid response to snuff out a small vegetation fire. It prevents a small fire from growing into a devastating forest fire that turns our green and vibrant forests into a bunch of burned out and ugly black twigs.

The WASP is light on the land and we pride ourselves on keeping America clean and green. Our skid mounted pump unit is easily installed into the bed of a State Park Ranger’s truck. Our unit is 90% more efficient than standard fire suppression pumps and nozzles. Another key factor that needs to be understood is the importance of Minimal Impact Suppression Tactics (MIST). These tactics are used on wildfire incidents to minimize damage to the forest caused by heavy engines and water usage. Our WASP meets the needs of the Forest Rangers and assists them in protecting our natural resources while using water wisely. When water is broken down into smaller droplets, it becomes significantly more powerful and can be used much more efficiently.


Ever had an accidental fire start while working on your ranch? A small spark from a digging tool, weed whip or a tractor disc can ignite an out of control wildfire. What if an approaching wildfire threatens everything you and your family worked so hard for?
Micro-Droplet System’s Water Atomizing Suppression Pump (WASP) will provide the fire suppression you need to protect your assets while working on the ranch. Our WASP is reliable, mobile and very easy to use.
Accidental fires on ranches can and have caused large and or mega wildfires. The cost of a wildfire can reach into the millions of dollars. Associated with wildfire concerns is the risk to fight mega wildfires. In our fire history, wildfires have caused the loss of homes, injured and killed civilians and firefighters.
The aftermath of a wildfire also brings a new concern when the rainy season approaches. Watershed on the hillsides protect communities from large mud slides but when the watershed is removed by fire, there is nothing to hold the loose soil on hillsides sending tons of loose muddy soil into our communities, destroying many homes and the potential with loss of life.
Our WASP unit can provide the confidence you need to work on your ranch and reduce the chances of letting a small spark turn into a mega wildfire.
This small investment provides you firefighting power equivalent to a $650,000.00 fire engine. Protect your orchard, winery, and livestock with Micro-Droplet Systems. You are the first line of defense to protect your assets.
Our professional team will train you and your employees how to safely operate the WASP. We provide a fire safety plan along with a fuels reduction plan to protect your assets.

Shopping Centers

Most Shopping Centers have security folks driving vehicles around to provide a safe environment for the shoppers. Our Water Atomizing Suppression Pump (WASP) unit can add more safety for the shoppers at your Shopping Center. It can be mounted on a 1/2 pickup truck for a rapid response. If a small fire breaks out, our mobile suppression unit can quickly snuff that fire out before it gets too big and long before the fire department arrives.


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