We offer extensive training to homeowners and company employees to teach them efficient procedures on fire prevention and how to protect valuable homeowner/business assets. Through training and an easy to use, high-tech fire suppression system, we can prevent a major fire incident from occurring.

When a fire starts, it takes too much time for fire personnel to respond to prevent a catastrophic loss to property and/or life. When a resident reports a fire, it takes at least 10 minutes or greater for a fire engine to arrive, thus letting the fire grow beyond its incipient stage when it would be easiest to extinguish with our WASP unit. The WASP™ unit provides 6 mins of continuous firefighting with its 70 gallon water tank. With the WASP™, it’s not the amount of water needed to suppress a fire, it’s how quickly water is applied.

We provide professional training from our firefighting expert Rich Sauer, who has over 30 years of wildfire and structure fire education, experience, and training. Our number one goal is to effectively train you and teach you to protect yourself, your family, and your assets.

Working together as a team will prevent a small accidental fire from growing into a mega fire. The potential cost to you and your insurance company could be in the millions of dollars.

We provide the following training to all our customers.

  • How to report a fire to 911
  • How to use the WASP™ unit with efficiency and effectiveness
  • How to recognize fire weather danger
  • How to approach and suppress an incipient fire in a structure or in an open field
  • How to create defensible space between structures and flammable vegetation
  • How to post lookout(s) when work is performed on the ranch in or near flammable vegetation
  • How to prep and foam a building prior to leaving the area
  • Annual wildfire suppression training
  • We will provide up to date wildfire alerts in your area
  • How to prepare and train for an evacuation plan
  • How to keep calm, think clearly, and act decisively

Please feel free to contact us by email or phone to schedule your fire protection evaluation and training. Contact